Sketch your ideas

You have a great idea and you need to communicate it. In this series, you'll learn the basics of hand sketching your ideas using the visual alphabet, build your icon library, and practice your hand lettering. This is the basic building block for building your storytelling skills.

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We were all born with the ability to sketch our ideas. Learn to do it again as an adult. This series is formatted in three basic sections: (1) a quick start primer, (2) three modular topics, and (3) a summary, practice, and additional resources. There's no need to go in order and revisit the practice section to keep your skills sharp.


Sketching your ideas primer
Key Topics: Sketching
Visual alphabet and your icon library
Framing your ideas
Hand lettering
Sketching Recap
Sketching: Putting it together
Sketching practice
Sketching Resources

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