Going back to my roots

Image of Daniel Hoang holding a camera on a gimbal with a mic.
Nineteen80 uses video as a way to tell stories.

I was born into an analog world before the Internet was accessible. I kept in touch with friends using copper line phones and sent my first email in 1990. As I came of age in a digital world, I saw this nascent technology grow to scale and understood the power, and the danger it presents.

I uniquely sat in a moment in history as we transition between two generations. My feet are touching a world of the past and into the digital future.

Image of Daniel Hoang as a small child sitting in a boat. In the background is a large body of water and a freight ship.

Why Nineteen80.IO

Nineteen80.IO is a platform in which I will share my learnings, experimentation, and developments. I'm building this platform on open source software, Ghost and simplifying the amount of systems needed.

Over the course of my 15-year consulting career, I was helping clients one-on-one. High-end consulting was only accessible to an elite group of companies, yet the knowledge I developed and the methods I used are needed by all.

What is Nineteen80.IO

This hub is where I'll share my learnings and developments in a number of topics around bridging transitions. It'll be centered around a number of methods, designed for a DIY approach.

  • Storytelling
  • Content creation
  • Change management
  • Working analog
  • Creative thinking

What's next?

Over time, I'm going to use this platform to document my thoughts. Some will be shared as raw thinking when we used to blog. As these thoughts come together, they become evergreen methods and resources.

For now, if you are ready to join this community, look for the subscribe button. You'll be joining at the ground level, with a group of previous founding members.