Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Just kidding, no one really asked these questions. I made them up, questions I think you should be asking.

Who are you?

So you're asking me to credential myself? Sure, you can check out my professional profile on Linkedin. I've been in the management consulting industry for about 15 years and in 2020, left to start my own consultancy x agency, Nineteen80.

I'm known for my visual communications and storytelling expertise. As a polymath, I enjoy learning various different trades and skills, and bringing them together in my practice.

What is Nineteen80?

When I launched my own business, I struggled with finding a name for it. Eventually, my wife and I landed on Nineteen80, as we were both born in 1980. As Xennials, we were born in an analog world but came of age in a digital world. We know the power of technology but also are grounded in a world where human relationships were the only currency.

How does this membership work?

When I worked for consulting firms, you'd work with me through the firm. You'd pay a high hourly rate and engage typically at a full-time pace. Toward the latter half of my consulting career, I began to do more consulting for consultants, developing tools, designs, and methodologies to help consultants do their jobs better. This membership is the same access that was kept behind the firm's walls for years, now at a low annual rate.

Can I share these resources with my contacts?

The resources you get through your membership are licensed to you and you alone. I'd appreciate referrals to your contacts and they can sign up for their own membership. I'm operating my business 100% on a trust basis. There are no long legal documents to sign and my work isn't plastered with copyrights and IP protection.