A new learning experience for better storytelling.

Nineteen80.IO is a storytelling learning membership for change makers. We want you to up your storytelling skills and build a lifelong practice to change the world.

A learning focused membership

Nineteen80.IO is a learning membership for storytelling. You have your great idea, now learn how to tell your story.

Adult learning for today's world

Your life is busy, that's why courses don't work. Nineteen80.IO uses adult learning techniques but also concepts from meditative practices to help you retain these skills.

Resources to get you going.

This is a lifelong practice, that doesn't mean you need to wait a lifetime to get there. Use our curate digital resources today.


What is Nineteen80.IO?

Nineteen80.IO is a production of Nineteen80.co, a storytelling consultancy and agency. While doing 1:1 consulting, we found a market demand to bring these services to a broader audience.

With such a pivot in our business strategy, we decided to launch this in alpha state (it's not even far along enough to be called a beta product).

Alpha members? Why should I sign up now?

We're launching Nineteen80.IO to founding members who will get lifetime access. We know that a broad audience won't sign up without a completed product, but close colleagues who've worked with us before will take that risk, and have access to this content for life.

Alpha members also help shape the future of this product, informing what features they want next and provide feedback on the existing content.

Who's behind the scenes?

Nineteen80.IO and all productions by Nineteen80.co is created by Daniel Hoang, an experienced management consultant and storyteller. In his 15 years of serving clients and other consultants, he developed leading methods and templates. This service gives you access to these resources at an accessible price.


$TBD / month


Coming soon for future members.
  • Core content completed
  • Community support
  • Additional features TBD
Coming soon
$250 / lifetime access


You've worked with us before and you know that you're going to get value 100X over.
  • Lifetime access
  • Inform the roadmap
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You're making a leap of faith, we get it and we appreciate you. If this isn't right for you, we'll refund you 100%, no questions.