Professional development, made fun.

Learning platforms are digital analogs of traditional educational models. We don't learn by sitting in a classroom anymore. Join us in disrupting your personal and professional development.

Nineteen80 Features

Quality videos

Higher production quality videos that are engaging and fun.

Multi-modal learning

Not just videos, but the full range of modes to help you learn and retain.

Vetted Resources

We personally test the resources we recommend.


Custom-made templates that are field tested for you to bring to your work.

Creative Assets

Curated digital graphics, illustrations, and photos for your use.

Visual first

We're a visual communications company.
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Improve your visual thinking
The first content is on visual thinking basics, the skills you need to up your visual game.
Inform the roadmap
Alpha members get direct line of feedback and help shape where this goes.
Access for life
As long as this business is alive, you'll have access to all content, for life (or 100 years, whichever comes first).